The PROVEO™ alliance provides our clients an efficiency generated by our fully-integrated and qualified project and supply chain management. We supply a global reach, and decades of ADC experience to create a fully realized and configurable ADC solution.

CMC Biologics Capabilities:

Copenhagen, Denmark, Bothell, WA, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A:

  • EMA and FDA approved for commercial production.
  • Upstream and downstream development capabilities.
  • Multiple mammalian cell culture lines from 100L to 3000L.
  • Experts in microbial and perfusion technology, with 2x1500L microbial line.
  • First in market Bioreactor 6Pack™ facility — 6x2000L single-use cell culture line.
  • New 2x500L facility available in 2017.
  • Analytical and DS/DP formulation development, including bioassays.

Cerbios-Pharma Capabilities:

Lugano, Switzerland:

  • Development and GMP Manufacture of cytotoxic payloads (PBD, Auristatins, etc.) from grams to kgs scale.
  • Technical transfer of different conjugation technologies for GMP bio-conjugations process manufacturing, from grams to kgs scale.
  • Purification of ADC substances (UF/DF/Chromatography).
  • From Tox batch to commercial manufacturing.
  • Analytical methods development and validation for free payloads and bio-conjugated material.

Oncotec Pharma Produktion Capabilities:

Dessau, Germany:

  • ADC small- scale filling line with lyophilisation and vial washing for high potent drugs Q4/2017.
  • ADC large-scale filling line with lyophilisation and vial washing for high potent drugs Q4/2018.
  • Experts in formulation development and filling of clinical material.

IDT Biologika Capabilities:

Dessau, Germany:

  • Large quality control unit with full method portfolio for characterization of biotech products vaccines and small molecules.
  • Physico-chemical, microbiological, biochemical, immunological, virological testing, animal testing.
  • Cold storage areas between -80 to 2-8°C also for commercial production.